Veteran Found Dead In CA Care Facility – Four DAYS After He Passed!

The Veterans Administration has had a lot of fire put on their feet for abuses for about five years now, especially since the big scandal about the mistreatment of veterans in Phoenix was brought to the public’s attention in April of 2014. Veterans were required to wait unreasonably long times for treatment, were routinely mistreated once admitted, were given inappropriate dosages of medications, or, worse yet, pushed off to the side to die without any medication at all. The list of abuses is, as the saying goes, a mile wide and a yard deep, and the problems are far from being solved. A case in point came to our attention recently where a veteran in a care facility DIED and wasn’t found until four days AFTER he had passed!  Other cases of an extremely poor level of care were discovered at the facility where the man was found.

This from Breitbart:

The Department of Veterans Affairs pulled all residents from an assisted living home in Van Nuys, California, after finding a veteran who had been dead for four days. The incident followed several complaints of mistreatment in the region.

A VA social worker visited the Van Nuys assisted living home and found a veteran who died four days earlier, according to a Department of Veterans Affairs investigation reported by The investigation also detailed abuses of veterans including a 100-year-old diagnosed with sepsis. The California Villa home denied prescribed antibiotics because they were “not covered by Medicare.” The patient had to be hospitalized a second time due to the error.

The report cited a double dose of medication to another veteran. A third person was denied prescription drugs and charged him $5 per meal because he preferred to eat in his room, the article states.

“I am shocked that such lax oversight of facilities providing critical care for vulnerable veterans ever occurred,” Special Counsel Henry J. Kerner wrote in a letter Thursday to the White House. Kerner told White House officials the VA investigators found “disrepair” in the California Villa home and its medicine room was disorganized.


VA officials blamed the VA’s Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System after it failed to investigate complaints and correct “serious residential concerns.” During one inspection, investigators found feces on furniture due to improper cleaning.

The healthcare system suspended the California Villa home and removed the residents under their care during the 2018 inspection. It appears that facility program managers failed to report incidents to upper management, according to the article.

The investigation began after whistleblowers brought the problems in these homes to light. Kerner praised them and said he hoped the VA would investigate other allegations including a bedbug infestation.

It’s really a crying shame that our veterans have to be concerned about this kind of mistreatment. They gave their lives for duty, honor, and country, and this is how they got repaid. At least now we have a president in the White House who loves and cares about all servicemen, regardless if they are military, police, fire, or other emergency service personnel. Trump has made it possible for some veterans who are unable to access VA care to go to civilian facilities easily. Hopefully, the people who see them there are better than this group where this man was found.

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