Shifty Adam Schiff Dodges Answering Whether Trump Accuser Lev Parnas Is Credible

Watch as House Intelligence committee chairman “Shifty” Adam Schiff dodges on answering whether or not Trump accuser Lev Parnas is a credible witness:

Partial transcript:

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Let’s talk about Lev Parnas. He released a great deal of information, and he’s the associate of Rudy Giuliani now indicted who has testified and has given a lot of documents.

He has testified in public, and couldn’t testify to Congress.

There’s only one reference to him in your brief. How much of him will you be using in your argument?

Are you concerned he won’t be seen as credible because he’s under indictment?”

SCHIFF: “Well, look. It’s the fact with many people surrounding the president that they end up indicted.

These are the people that the president has chosen to work with, people like, you know, Michael Cohen like Lev Parnas, like so many others.

Paul Manafort, and these are people that do have information about the president’s misconduct, but right now, George, we continue know what witnesses will be allowed and if we’ll be allowed witnesses.

We can’t make a determination on which witnesses we’ll call in the absence of knowing whether the Senate will allow any at all.”


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