Rashida Tlaib Meets With Pro-Terrorist Islamic Organization in Dallas

The face of the new Democrat party and noted anti-Semite, Rashida Tlaib, met with the radical Islamic group that supports terrorism. She felt safe in attending because the Democrats are deathly afraid of the Squad despite indications that three of the four members are in deep trouble in 2020. Tlaib met with the Palestine Youth Movement in Dallas, an organization that supports terrorism against Israel and who are backers of the BDS movement. This does not come as a surprise as she enjoys fundraising for CAIR and has shown support for a one-state solution that would eliminate Israel. On her first day in office, she covered Israel on the map with a piece of paper that says Palestine. She has refused to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.

From Breitbart News

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) recently met with members of the terrorist-sympathizing, anti-Israel group Palestine Youth Movement, according to a picture on social media featuring the lawmaker with supporters of the organization.

The Washington Free Beacon first reported on Tlaib’s visit with members of the group. It reportedly took place at the Arab Texas Festival of Dallas, according to social media posts.

“Yesterday, we tabled at the Arab Texas Festival of Dallas! While doing community outreach, Palestinian congresswoman @RashidaTlaib stopped by our table,” a tweet from the group’s Twitter account read.

“Thank you Rashida for continuing to stand by your bold stances on Palestine despite unrelenting Zionist backlash!” it added:


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