PP Partner Admits To Selling Aborted Babies’ Brains And Heads Intact – Presidential Candidate is Possibly Connected Financially

I can’t think of anything more gruesome than abortion (more correctly called infanticide). Day after day, we hear news reports of celebrities such as Alyssa Milano shouting through her megaphone in favor of “pro-choice.” Democrats from sea to shining sea are trumpeting the same murderous mantra. It goes all the way to the top of the political spectrum as we saw during the 2016 campaign with Hillary Clinton’s support of abortion on demand, and it continues with the Democrat party’s current lineup of candidates. One whose name will come up again in this article is Kamala Harris (D-CA).

The Planned Parenthood organization is particularly supportive of the practice, and recent undercover videos revealed that a particularly disgusting and inhumane practice became quite routine under PP’s roof — the practice of selling the intact heads and brains of aborted children. Hearings began a few days ago when PP sued an undercover journalist who captured videos of PP personnel discussing some of the gruesome techniques used to maximize their chances of getting a baby’s head and brains out intact for the express purpose of selling them. They even have a fancy-sounding name for the butchers that specialize in acquiring the parts and pieces of the tiny dismembered and dissected bodies. They call them “tissue procurement technicians!”

A report from LifeNews spoke this week of hearings being held addressing the discoveries made by the Center for Medical Progress in which PP workers were recorded on video describing the practices of shifting the baby’s position to better facilitate removal of the heads and brains of the infant intact — which are, to say the least, gruesome beyond belief. And to think, some of the most vocal supporters of such brutality are in the Democrat party’s lineup for the presidency. The plaintiffs in the hearings contend that their prosecution is politically motivated by politicians like California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Kamala Harris, who received huge campaign donations from the abortion industry. Such prosecutions against undercover journalists have allegedly never been done before under California law.


A moment ago I mentioned presidential hopeful Kamala Harris. A big key I regularly look for is to see if we can Follow The Money and find out why our politicians seem to be so willing to push the abortion issue, and in her case, we don’t have to look very far. It seems as if she’s been on the PP payroll for some time, as indicated in a table that can be found in the above report from LifeNews.

Check this out:

So it seems I was right again. There is a saying which is often misquoted – “money is the root of all evil” – but the real statement comes from a specific Bible verse in 1 Timothy, verse 6, which says “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” (Emphasis added.)

Planned Parenthood has long been a supporter of candidates who favor the sickening practice of abortion, and by accepting their support, Kamala Harris has become their servant, bought and paid for. As for me, she falls into the same basket as the other candidates the way Hillary Clinton did when she campaigned to be the next president in 2016. Support of abortion is an absolute no-no, and it takes me about a New York second to write off a candidate who is sold out to Planned Parenthood.


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