Millionaire Actor Mark Ruffalo Says Capitalism Is ‘Killing Us’

It is astounding how many people want to have a socialist nation after they have used capitalism to achieve their success.

It is the simplest way for the rich to stay rich and keep anyone else from achieving the same success as they have had.

Actor, and millionaire Mark Ruffalo, a hardcore progressive, has called for an end to capitalism as he believes it is destroying the nation.

“It’s time for an economic revolution. Capitalism today is failing us, killing us, and robbing from our children’s future,” he said.

He shared that on twitter along with a story in Time Magazine that calls for a revolution against the “Gilded Age” of the United States.

“America loves a capitalist reckoning the way the NFL loves Colin Kaepernick. But it is having one anyway,” Anand Giridharadas said in an op ed piece.

“And if this year that reckoning seemed to reach new intensity, it was because the economic precariousness, stalled mobility and gaping social divides that have for years fueled the backlash now had an improbable sidekick: plutocracy itself and the win-win ideology that has governed the past few decades.

Is Ruffalo a hypocrite?

“This year, America’s ultra-elites seemed to bend over backward to lend support to the idea that maybe the system they superintend needs gut renovating.

“As a political movement bubbled up to challenge their wealth and power, the elite’s own misbehavior trickled down. And where the two met, ideas that once seemed unutterable started, to many, to sound like the future,” she said.

But Ruffalo is worth an estimated $30 million and there is no law that prevents him from sharing his wealth with anyone he wants.

That is a fact that may people shared with Ruffalo.


“You could personally pay off the student loans of 500 kids and still have well over 10 million dollars to your name, Mr. Ruffalo. What are you waiting for?” conservative author Mark Dice said.

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