Kamala Harris Politicizes 6 Philly Cops Shot While STILL Active Scene With Gun Control Message On CNN [VIDEO]

Philadelphia was my home town for the first 38 years of my life, and when I turned on the TV tonight and saw that six Philly police officers were shot while serving an arrest warrant for a drug dealer, my heart went out to them and to the people surrounding the hostile scene.

I immediately went to Fox News, because I couldn’t bear to hear how CNN or MSNBC would cover it.  Fox did a great job by bringing in local Philly reporters to give viewers an on-the-scene analysis as new information came in.

And then I became sick to my stomach to learn from friends that while the gunman was still shooting at cops, 2020 Democrat hopeful Kamala Harris was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer politicizing the six officers getting shot all for her asinine and dangerous gun control policies.

Who wants to listen to Willie Brown’s crew toy (RUFF RUFF) at a time like that?

“You’re a former attorney general of California, what’s your reaction to the initial reports, and I stress the words initial reports?” Blitzer asked.

“It is one — when will it stop, right? Part of my focus on what we need to do around smart gun safety laws is recognize we have to have more enforcement around gun dealers. Wolf, 90% of the guns that are associated with crime are sold by just 5% of the gun dealers in the United States,” Harris said.

“And so among the many plans that have I both in the form of executive action and also in the form of legislation, one of them is to put more resources into the ATF to take the licenses of gun dealers who violate the law. And that includes a number of things, including when they are responsible for doing background checks, not doing them,” she said.

Harris then called on Congress to act because “we do not lack for good ideas. We do not lack for tragedies. The failure of Congress, however, the United States Congress to act on passing smart gun safety laws is the issue.”


This dingbat thinks her gun control policies would have stopped the Philly shooter today who fired on police officers while trying to serve an arrest warrant.

It was reported that officers had to dive out windows to avoid the hail of gunfire, and Harris is pushing gun control.

Good God, this woman was a prosecutor and an Attorney General.  I mean, it’s no secret that Democrats want to punish law-abiding gun owners with draconian gun control laws, all of which violate the Second Amendment, but for God’s sake, can they please wait until the facts come in just once?  For crying out loud, the scene was still active with an active shooter firing at cops!!

God Bless those officers and their families.  #BlueLivesMatter

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