House Dems BLOCK Bill Condemning Iranian Government’s Murder of 1500 Protesters and 176 Airplane Passengers

The House Democrats were playing to their base when they blocked a bill condemning Iran for murdering 100 peaceful protesters and 176 innocent plane passengers.

If there was ever a resolution that was a no brainer, this is it. The modern day Democrats support murderous regimes like the one in Iran, illegal aliens and violent criminals.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they represented and supported the United States?

The resolution contained the following complaints:

(1) 1500 peaceful protesters shot by government forces.

(2) 176 passengers and crew of Flight 752, downed by the Iranian government.

3) condemns the Government of Iran for repeatedly lying to its people and to the world about its responsibility for the downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752;

(4) calls on the Government of Iran to— (A) refrain from the use of violence; and (B) protect the rights of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly

(5) supports the protesters in Iran, their demands for accountability, and their desire for the Government of Iran to respect freedom and human rights.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a tweet:


“What a disappointment —Democrats just blocked a vote on a resolution supporting the Iranian protesters. This is not the time for partisan politics. This should be a time for the US Congress to speak with one voice to condemn an Iranian regime that kills its own people.”

From The Daily Caller

McCarthy announced Monday he will introduce the resolution in support of the protesters in Iran. The House Minority Leader made the announcement on Twitter as Iranian security forces reportedly fired tear gas and live ammunition on protesters in the streets Sunday.

The California Republican said “The world is watching,” and that “the people of Iran need to know that they are not alone in this pivotal moment.” 

The resolution comes as Trump tweeted his support for anti-government Iranian protesters on Saturday night, saying, “I’ve stood with you since the beginning of my Presidency, and my Administration will continue to stand with you.

We are following your protests closely, and are inspired by your courage.”

In Iran people chant “Death to America” but the Democrats in the House are actually trying to do something about it.



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