Hilarious Cartoon Shows the Aftermath of the Hit on Soleimani, ‘Very Angry Now’

After the hit on the world’s bloodiest terrorist, Iranian General Qassam Soleimani, we were told that the Middle East and the world would erupt in mass violence directed against America and Americans.

But what has actually happened in the aftermath of the hit on arch-terrorist Soleimani? Who was actually enraged by President Trump’s ordered action?

Here in one hilarious cartoon is the aftermath and consequences so far of the hit on Soleimani:

Does that about sum it up?

The Iranian people are in the streets protesting against their own repressive terror sponsoring government, but the Democrats right here in the USA are the ones who, as a group, seem to be most enraged.

You have Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib screaming that Trump is practically a war criminal for taking out the worlds worst terrorist chief.

While it’s not surprising to hear that kind of loose talk from Sanders and his motley crew of socialist lovers, what is shocking is to hear it from Speaker of the House Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Schumer.

Those two at least are supposed to behave responsibly but we have in fact seen the opposite.


Rather than acting responsibly they practically spout Iranian propaganda just to make Trump look bad.

Democrats do not care that by making Trump look bad, they also make our country look bad to those who hate us and seek any excuse to attack us.

Sad, pathetic but entirely predictable.

Democrats would rather the United States of America lose, and lose big, than see President Trump score a victory for the American people.

Remember that in this coming November!

It would be a disaster if Democrats won any power in the 2020 elections. It’s up to us to work, work, work to ensure that does not happen.

Join a campaign, go door to door, do whatever it takes to be sure that the Democrats lose, and that they lose big this coming November.

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