Exploited Sellers of Marijuana Now Have Union Representation, ‘The United Food and Commercial Workers’

In a strange turn of events, hard working but apparently exploited marijuana dealers in Maryland now have union representation through the The United Food and Commercial Workers union.

The union’s twitter bio states “The United Food and Commercial Workers is a family of hard-working men and women building a better life together, serving their communities.”

The United Food and Commercial Workers union made the announcement via twitter stating “GREAT NEWS: @UFCW27 makes history with #Maryland’s first #cannabis union contract. With this win, @VireoHealth workers are standing up for good jobs in cannabis that are creating new opportunities & helping hardworking families succeed.”

I’m not exactly sure what a good job in cannabis looks like. I’m certain for the owners of the shops and storefronts in states where the drug is legal, or legal for medicinal use, things probably look pretty good.

For the men and women behind a counter dispensing marijuana not sure if there is a long-term career path there.

But apparently the marijuana sellers feel exploited and in need of a union to make their lives better.

“BIG NEWS: @881UFCW makes history with first #cannabis union contract ever in #Illinois! With today’s victory, @CrescoLabs employees have shown the power #cannabis workers have when they join #unions and stand up for the good jobs our families need.”

Apparently the union is quite proud of their entrance into the marijuana business.

Somehow the twenty first century is not turning out exactly as I thought it would when growing up as a kid.

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