Devin Nunes: My Phone Records Don’t Match Records in Schiff’s Impeachment Report (VIDEO)

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Rep Devin Nunes told Fox and Friends on Saturday that after reviewing his phone records, they do not match the ones that Adam Schiff released in the fake impeachment report.

Nunes probably suspected something when the claim was made that AT & T released his phone records to Schiff, when he does not even use AT & T.

He said he went back and reviewed his actual phone records and that they do not match the one the Democrats released.

Nunes said:

So finally yesterday I had a chance to go through all my phone records and I can tell you my phone records do not match what Schiff and the Democrats put in that report… I can tell you it doesn’t match.

I have one call with Rudy Giuliani in April, one in May.

The rest of the calls are either when somebody didn’t connect or it was voicemail. So, one in April, one in May.


I have a call from someone who I assume is Parnes’s wife, it’s registered to a lady… I can tell you there’s no way about me being in Vienna.

last week Adam Schiff released phone records shoing that he abused his power by getting the phone records of a sitting member of congress, an investigative reporter mand President Trump’s private attorney.

Since it is obvious that Nunes could not have gotten the Nunes’ phone records from AT & T, it needs to be asked where he did get them.

Schiff refuses to say.

So, where would you go to get phone records for multiple people with various cellphone carriers?

Only one place comes to ming.

The NSA and it would be illegal for them to release the records.

Makes you go hmmmm.

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