Black Supporters of President Trump Stand Up to Left-Wing Mob Harassing Them

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Left-wing protests last week at California State University, Chico let their racism show after the Black students were showing their support for President Trump.

I’m not sure which white supremacist group the liberal students are part of but all racist groups are all the same to me.

I’m surprised the college allows a group like this to exist.

The Black students were not harming anyone, just voicing their opinion which never sits well with fascists.

They feel like they have the right to their opinion and Blacks have the right to the liberal student’s opinion also but not one of their own.

The leftists began harassing the Black students and telling them they look like clowns. Blacks are not allowed to be Republicans on campus or anywhere else for that matter.


But don’t expect the mainstream media give this story the same thing they did to the boys from Covington Catholic School.

The Black students held their ground and did not back down even though they were badly outnumbered.

Recent polling shows Blacks approving of Trump in numbers never seen by a Republican.

From The Blaze

Amid left-wing protests last week at California State University, Chico — which included a leftist caught on video apparently hitting the president of the Chico State Republicans — a small group of young, black supporters of President Donald Trump stood up to a left-wing mob harassing and shouting them down while video was rolling.

A reporter from campus newspaper the Orion said the “family of black Trump supporters” received “verbal harassment from protesters and nearly engaged in a fight.”

‘You look like a clown!’

In the beginning of the clip, one protester standing atop a small wall repeatedly yelled at the black Trump supporters, “You look like a clown!” Later it became the protesters’ chant against them.

One black Trump supporter wore as a cape the iconic yellow Gadsden flag — with its “Don’t Tread on Me” and snake insignia — and challenged the protesters to provide evidence of racism, presumably on the part of Trump.

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